Google classroom updates and review

Google Classroom


Updates and Review

Google updated Classroom over the summer. It still works very much the same. The changes are subtle. They’ve kepts what works very well and added some useful options. One of these options includes the option to rearrange the classroom tiles. The about section has been replaced by the Classwork section. Assignments and questions are now created and managed in this section. The Stream section is still around and works like a landing page and bulletin board. 

Microsoft Classroom Notebook

Microsoft Class Notebook

Create and manage student notebooks for OneNote with Microsoft's Class Notebook. This book introduces you to the creation and management options.

Sphero for STEM

Sphero for STEM

Use the Sphero robot to integrate STEM concepts. Learn to code Sphero and in ways that teaches math and science concepts.

Screencast with Screencastify

Screencast with Screecastify

Screencastify to develop instructional videos. Develop instructional videos for students.


Google Drawings for Thinking Maps

Google Drawings for Thinking Maps. Create thinking maps for the classroom and learn some graphics skills in Google Drawings.