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3D Printing

Design and print in the classroom

In the March 15th issue of Digital Maestro Magazine, we look at the world of 3D printing for the classroom. Designing and printing objects with 3D printers are new to most teachers. Designing and printing models are much easier than it once was. The software is easier to use and printers are very affordable. A decent 3D printer costs the same price as a laser printer. These printers are small enough to sit on a small table or on the corner of a desk. 

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Scratch Coding

Tell stories and make presentations

In the first issue of Digital Maestro Magazine, STEM Explorations, I take a look at using Scratch from MIT and how students can use it to develop interactive stories. Scratch is a free online application for the development of games and interactive stories. It was developed out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT and is available for anyone to use as an open source project. Scratch has a variety of tools to help teachers integrate Scratch in their lessons.