Google Sheets VLOOKUP

This issue takes a look at using VLOOKUP in Google Sheets. I use this function in Google Sheets often. Few teachers have heard of it or its purpose. I use this function often when developing flexible solutions and searches. I use a real-world example in the lesson.

I was requested by the Fine Arts department in my district to come up with a solution to their inventory access. They needed a way for teachers to search the list of available print titles in their music library. They had done the hard job of creating the list of items. This list was created on an Excel spreadsheet. I took the spreadsheet made it available in Google Sheets and used VLOOKUP to help them search through the lengthy list of titles.

Microsoft Classroom Notebook

Microsoft Class Notebook

Create and manage student notebooks for OneNote with Microsoft's Class Notebook. This book introduces you to the creation and management options.

Sphero for STEM

Sphero for STEM

Use the Sphero robot to integrate STEM concepts. Learn to code Sphero and in ways that teaches math and science concepts.