3D Cars in Motion.png

3D Cars in Motion

Design and print a 3D car in Tinkercad

The goal of 3D printers in the classroom should be to apply classroom concepts. In this issue we dive into the creation of a product. This product reinforces math skills in geometry. The finished product allows students to apply basic science concepts. These concepts include mass, velocity, and acceleration.

Projects are often left out of the regular classroom routine and lesson plans. Projects are long and complex. There isn’t always time to complete a project. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t attempt to work on projects. At the end of the issue I include a lesson breakdown.

Microsoft Classroom Notebook

Microsoft Class Notebook

Create and manage student notebooks for OneNote with Microsoft's Class Notebook. This book introduces you to the creation and management options.

Sphero for STEM

Sphero for STEM

Use the Sphero robot to integrate STEM concepts. Learn to code Sphero and in ways that teaches math and science concepts.